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I aten't ded [Apr. 3rd, 2032|01:57 pm]
Quick note to say SORRY! to the various peeps who have messaged/asked to be friended/might for whatever reason have expected Livejournular contact. Have been a bit unfocused, plus using Big PC a lot with Linux on it, and can't remember passwords worth a damn right now--forgot my Lj pass., plus the pass. for the email that I use with my Lj, and things, and stuff. (Honestly, I've been living in constant dread that I'm slowly turning into a goldfish. Or one of those people who thinks 12 Monkeys is incomprehensible.)

Anyway, back-ish. Squeak up if there's anything you'd really like me to read.
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(no subject) [Jan. 27th, 2032|01:55 pm]
I wonder what sort of income stream I could generate if I combined two of my greatest interests in life:

1) The Internet

2) Things with cocks drawn on them and the drawing of cocks on things?

ETA: http://superhappynobdrawjob.wordpress.com/
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Note to self: [Jan. 25th, 2032|09:11 pm]
Things I need to provide texts on:

1) Haiti

This is the most important.

I have held off on this one because when I sit down to write it, I am going to lose my shit. Bigtime. I'm going to write the most furious, vituperative, venom-in-ya-mead thing imaginable. Because there is so much to be angry for, and so much that needs to be said, and so many lies to tear down. And before I go there and do that there are other important things to do first, like collect links to aid agencies and little bits of work I can do from this end, and the other mundane things, and the spiritual/magical compassion-work.

And I have to make sure the anger is coming from a clean place--that in writing this rage-filled thing I will be accomplishing something meaningful, not just relieving my own feelings. My feelings are not important here, except inasmuch as they can be pressed into service for the greater good.

2) Psychopathy/sociopathy/Anti-social personality disorder

I have been doing a lot of reading on this & I think I'm almost in a place where I can go public with a meaningful exploration of the topic.

3) Somafera as a healing modality/intellectually gangr [ETA that should say intellectual gangr but I'm leaving it coz it's funnier.]

Really need to finish this one.
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This... [Jan. 22nd, 2032|08:30 pm]
...Is an excellent piece on racism, esp. the casual racism amongst white liberal types.

The writer makes some really good points--bounce-up-and-down-pointing-at-the-screen-and-going-YES-THIS! points--and makes them in accessible, relatively jargon-free language, yet. (Wow, who knew it was possible to write about racism and social justice from a feminist perspective without sixty-five tons of obfuscatory verbiage and more made-up words than Legend of the Fucking Seeker?)

One part of the post irks me, however. Writing about a white friend who is in some financial difficulty following the purchase of a house, the author offers us this bit:

"Now, in a hypothetical world where my friend is not white, here’s a list of the questions somebody would ask me about her behavior as a not white person:

1. Why did she get pregnant when she didn’t have the money for a home?

2. Why did she buy a house she couldn’t afford?

3. Why didn’t she stay where she was and save more money?

4. Obviously where she was, childless and saving money, was a smarter place to be. Why did she make such poor decisions about getting pregnant and moving?

My friend isn’t going to have to face those questions, because she’s white."

Which--okay, yeah, fair point, definitely a fair point. If--and this is important--we're talking about middle class people (and if you can afford to buy your own home, even if you have to scrimp to make the payments, you are most definitely middle class). White middle-class people are less likely to face those questions than BME people from a similar socioeconomic background.

But you know who definitely is going to face questions and comments about their spending habits? Poor people. If you're poor, you WILL have people sniffing around your income and outgoings. This is especially true if you're on the dole, but it's true of people in low-paid jobs who have difficulty making ends meet.

Don't get me wrong here; I'm not going of into "But that happens to white people TOOOOOOO!" land. There's a different dynamic and different implications--a white person living on the poverty line will not find their whiteness blamed for their problems or transgressions. Classism relies on conjuring up phantom weaknesses of character--impulsivity, laziness, stupidity, greed, etc--and attributing poverty to these.

If you're poor, it's like your finances suddenly become the whole world's business. Where poor people got stuff and what they could have spent the money on if they hadn't bought the stuff they bought seems to exercise an inordinate fascination over the minds of private individuals and politicians alike. Why is that young mother paying for a pint of milk in stacks of 2ps when her kid is wearing a Baby Gap top? How come that refuse collector takes his kids to Starburger once a fortnight, when he claims they can't afford to mend that broken window at the back of the house? How much did that new coat cost? Why are you buying new shoes when you're supposed to be saving for a rainy day? You've got a colour television! How can you complain about money when you've got a colour television?

If you are on benefits, everyone owns a slice of your life. People will gossip loudly about you in the supermarket queue (maybe even reach into your basket and turn over your purchases, commenting on the price). Should you have to fumble in your coin-purse for a moment at the checkout, this will be an opportunity for someone to point out that you've obviously overspent. If you use the launderette rather than hand-washing and air-drying your clothes, this laziness and profligacy will be noted and decried. (And if you go out in wrinkled stale-smelling garments, this will also be taken as evidence of your intrinsically bad character.)

Journalists will tot up the money that you "waste" on luxuries such as branded foodstuffs or fish and chips. Your occasional take-away coffee and doughnut will attract head-shaking and opprobrium as it is added to the tally. All this wastage being totted up, it will furnish the columnist with a nicely damning article on the myth of the poverty trap: Look! These povvos claim they can't escape from their situations, but they can afford donuts and coffee! (*Inserts joke about chavs and Burberry, knocks off for lunch.*)

Again, I want to re-iterate that I'm not drawing an equivalency here between the racism inherent in blaming a person's financial troubles on their ethnicity and blaming poverty on some kind of dimly-explored character flaw. I'm just saying that middle-class white people enjoy a whole different set of rules to white people from lower down the socioeconomic heap; something that white liberals need to get better about recognising.
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More on Haiti [Jan. 18th, 2032|12:42 pm]
Excellent piece on Haiti, Vodou & the role of the nation's history from Stephen Grasso

The Wild Hunt blog has some very thoughtful comments here, here, here and here, offering information on relief efforts and addressing the vile anti-Vodou blame games that are being played by so many commentators, religious and political.
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(no subject) [Jan. 15th, 2032|10:30 am]
Wireless electricity transmission, all Tesla-y. Neat! As the article notes, the tech is very clunky, both in terms of design & of efficiency (only 80%). This is only a proof-of-concept type thing to demonstrate that wireless electricity transmission over larger distances is doable, rather than something that's being rolled out to the stores anytime soon.

All of this is made clear in the text. Which, of course, doesn't stop muppetular comments to the effect of "Oh but this is all faily cuz it needs that hueg boxy thing there and everyone knows tellys are getting thinner ha ha". I seriously don't know what is wrong with some people. Perhaps they live in this parallel universe where of all that tedious theory-test-develop-prototype-refine etc stuff is replaced by a system where new technologies just sort of coalesce out of the aether, without any of those boring lumpy intervening steps like oh I don't know building a proof of concept to show potential investors.
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Haiti [Jan. 15th, 2032|04:48 am]
Send money, not stuff, beg aid agencies

Olbermann lays the smackdown on Robertson, Limbaugh
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Haiti earthquake links [Jan. 14th, 2032|11:50 pm]
emberleo has collected some useful links

NYT blog has a list

Medecins Sans Frontieres Haiti Appeal card payment page

Ps: Pat Robertson needs to die in a fucking fire.
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Satanic ritual abuse for younger readers. [Jan. 13th, 2032|09:54 pm]
[Possible triggers for abuse + rampant headmess warning]Collapse )
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(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2032|09:55 pm]

Feast your eyes, people, upon Roxxxy. She's a sex robot boasting skin sensors, a speech synthesizer unit and (supposedly) a rudimentry AI. Poking the skin sensors in different bits of Roxxy's terrifying plastic body will, if her creators are to be believed, trigger different bits of pre-programmed speech. (That's if they can make putting your soft bits anywhere near her huge mechanical thighs and oddly bricklike face look a bit more like fun and less like a quick ticket out of the gene pool.)

The idea is that Roxxxy can be given a "personality" of sorts by assigning her different verbal responses. "Wild Wendy" will encourage you to even giddier heights of joyless pseudoporking, "Mature Martha" will teach you a thing or two that could have come in quite handy were there any force in the Universe that could induce a living woman to let you within 500 yards of her gash, while "S&M Sarah" will bring a new dimension to your bitter, weeping ragewanks. Other personalities include "Frigid Farrah" and "Young", neither of whom really bear thinking about.

You will also be able to create your own response sets and share them with other users online, trading snippets of robotic sex talk and custom themes with your fellow doll-shaggers. In the future, instead of screwing with your hot-keys, annoying flatmates will sneakily reprogramme Roxxxy with 1970s feminist polemics, C-3P0 quotes and Classic Nintendo sound samples.
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